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About Modandies

In 2016, in response to a call from Youji Hanawa, first-class male modern dancers over 50 years old gathered together. This is the birth of a dance company consisted by male dancers only in the wide age generations ranging from 50’s to 80’s, which is unprecedented in Japan. Expression in modern dance varies according to dancer’s age. The power of expression cultivated through techniques in 20’s and 30’s is refined as a presenter when he reaches 50’s and 60’s. Various experiences backed up with techniques unlimitedly broaden the frame of expression. Personal histories of the members are with wide varieties: some danced actively in dance companies abroad – some taught dance in universities – some owned dance studios. And the fact that they are still surviving in the world of dance to their ages is a good evidence to show their presence in this world. Each and one member has strong personalities, and the styles of presentation are quite different. However, such strong personalities of the members act with each other with subtle chemistry to create the new world view. Different personalities do not conflict with each other thanks to long life experiences and broad-mindedness of members. Chic, graceful and pathetic performances of Modandies present the new sense of values in the world of contemporary dance.

History of Performances


May 19
36th Modern Dance May Festival
July 16
Kipus Ballet Studio Performance (danced as guest dancers)
October 2
Toyama Prefecture Modern Dance Gala in Toga (danced as guest dancers)
October 8
Contemporary Dance Performance planned by IMA Hall


May 24
37th Modern Dance May Festival
June 25
60th Contemporary Dance Performance by Central Japan Branch of Contemporary Dance Association of Japan (CDAJ) (danced as guest dancers)
September 6
Mikio Sekiyama’s 88-year-old Anniversary Performance (danced as guest dancers)


April 1
MA・Art Ballet Performance (danced as guest dancers)
May 23
38h Modern Dance May Festival
July 8
Contemporary Dance Exhibition sponsored by Tokyo Shinbun (Newspaper)
August 8
Adolescents Summer Dance Festival of Japan


May 29
39th Modern Dance May Festival
July 13
Contemporary Dance Exhibition sponsored by Tokyo Shinbun (Newspaper)
October 13
The Toyama Performing Art Festival 2019


First performance in 2016
“Unazuku Otoko” (Men who nod)
First performance in 2017
“Aru Imi de Rinne” (Rebirth by Karma in one sense)
First performance in 2018
“Piano Music”  
First performance in 2019
“Showa Sentimental”  “Attoteki Nichijo” (Overwhelming everyday life)

Stage Photo