Youji Hanawa

Promotor of Modandies.  Super-star dancer in the world of dance.
In 1970, received the Education Minister’s Prize and Prince Takamatsu’s Prize in the competitions.  After that, trained in USA and Europe delegated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA).  Invited by Australian Government for the training of choreographer.  Though he released dance creations at sponsored performances and recitals, he has been acting as a dancer consistently.  These few years, he mainly danced as a solo dancer.  He is a target for many middle to young dancers, and he enjoys high reputation with his humane character.


Takashi Ichii

Trained under Reiko Ichige since 1971.  He has been acting as the first-class dancer up till now.  He danced as a guest dancer in many major performances such as “Performance Sponsored by ACA”, “Performance Sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government”, “Ballet Evening by NHK” and “Dance Performance at New National Theater”.  He also participated in various events other than dance performances.  Also he danced at performances abroad such as “Performance in USA through Japan-USA Exchange Program for Performing Arts”.  He also offered scenario, or worked as a producer, composer or choreographer for various groups, ad obtained good reputation.
Manager of Business Division of CDAJ


Mikio Sekiyama

Has been active in the forefront of the world of modern/contemporary dance for more than half a century.  While sponsoring dance school as an instructor, he works as professional dancer as well.  He introduced Japanese tastes into his works, using Japanese musical instruments such as biwa, shakuhachi, koto and shamisen.  As such, he has established his own unique style.  He also collaborates with specialists in various disciplines, such as composers.  Sometimes he requested the composers to offer the music fit for his theme and arranged the music to match his dance.
Awards:   2011   Order of Educational and Cultural Merits by Aichi Prefecture
          2010   Order of Local Cultural Merits by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science
                     and Technology, Japan (MEXT)
          2005   Commendation for Cultural Merits by the Board of Education of Aichi Prefecture
          2004   Special Art Award by Nagoya City

Noboru Ishii

Representative of Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dance Company and Baku Ishii Memorial Modern Ballet Studio.  In 1958, born as a grandson of a pioneer in the field of Japanese modern dance, Baku Ishii (professional dancer from Akita Prefecture; first to be awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal; known as a person who named “Jiyugaoka” in Meguro-Ward in Tokyo).  He started his career in the world of dancing since he was a little kid.  Not to mention Baku Ishii’s works, he participated in many performances of various dancers and dance companies in the field of modern dance, classic ballet and folk-lore dance.  He reorganized Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dance Company in 1994, and made series of performances of its own.  Also delegated for cultural exchange all through Japan as well as in various countries all over the world.  At present, he opens “Dancing Akita – Performance by Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dance Company” every year.  Also he participates in “Saitanzuki Dance Festival” in Taiwan every year.  He has broad fields of activities beyond the world of dance, such as plays and musicals as a producer and choreographer.

Michito Kataoka

Started his career as a dancer in 1967.  In 1977 at his first recital, he gained good reputation as a dance creator.  In 1979, he went to India and USA to study as a trainee delegated by ACA.  He widened his activities internationally, performing in USA and acting as a choreographer to a ballet company in Yugo-slavia.  Based on modern and classic ballet, he tried to establish new style of Japanese modern dance, introducing yoga, kiko, old Shintoism or old Japanese martial arts, developing unique performance.
Sponsoring “Workshop of Movement” – space of dance and play.
Award:  1983  won the First Prize in Saitama International Creative Dance Competition

Takayuki Kojima

Participated in many contemporary dance performances such as Contemporary Dance Performance Sponsored by ACA, Civil Art Festival Sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan-US Cultural Exchange Art Festival Sponsored by ACA (LA/NY).  In 1994, selected as art internship trainee delegated by ACA.  Went to New York as a special trainee under sponsorship for up-and-coming artists by ACA in 2006 and 2007.  Also active in various disciplines such as “Bat”, an operetta by Seiji Ozawa Musical School Opera Project; “Kaijin Besso” featuring Tamasaburo Bando and Ebizo Ichikawa; and “the Csardas Princess (choreography)” by Japan Operetta Association.  In 2003, won a prize at the 12th Saitama International Creative Dance Competition.  In 2005, won Encouraging Prize at the 13th Saitama International Creative Dance Competition.  Director of Suginami Western Dance Federation.

Kazuya Sato

Joined National 20th Century Ballet Company of Belgium (General Director: Maurice Bejart / Art Director: Jorge I. Donn).  Participated in all repertories by Bejart.  After leaving the company, he organized modern dance group, and performed in various festivals in Europe.  After returning to Japan, he developed his own unique world as a new type of dancer, and danced as a guest dancer in major roles in various performances.  He also performed in the works with his unique and surrealistic sensitivities in “New Cultural People” in Tokyo Civil Art Festival in 1993; “Cry and Laugh” in New National Theater Inauguration Performance in 1998; and “March of Blue” in Tokyo Civil Art Festival in 2000.
Awards:  “Special Newcomer Prize” created by CDAJ
      “Muramatsu Prize” sponsored by Music and Dance Newspaper

Daiichi takaya

Learned classic ballet at Star Dancers Ballet School, and trained modern dance under Takaya Eguchi and Fumie Kanai.  Participated in many performances sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and ACA.  After graduation from the university, worked as choreographer and instructor of Nishino Ballet School.  Released many works at Osaka Art Festival.  After leaving Nishino Ballet School, he became a free-lance dancer, and he released many works in wide varieties from classics to contemporary dance with collaboration with specialists in other disciplines.  In 2011, appointed art director of Dance Incubation Field Okayama under the project “to enhance the pride of Okayama by the power of culture”.
Awards:    Best Work Prize, Best New Dance Creator’s Prize, Mayor-of-Osaka-Prefecture’s Prize and Mayor-of-Osaka-City’s Prize in “Naniwa Art Festival” sponsored by Sankei Newspaper
Encouraging Prize by Kurashiki City Cultural Federation
Good Instructor Prize at the Ballet-Con Tokyo

Narciso Medina

From Guantanamo in Cuba.  Entered National Art School of Cuba.  In 1981 graduated the same as the top student.  After that, joined National Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba, and worked as first solo dancer and choreographer for 12 years.  From 1990 to 1993, invited by dance company and dance academy of Finland as an instructor for Cuban traditional dance and contemporary dance.  In 1993, established Narciso Medina Dance Company and Dance Academy in Havana.  Received Order of Cultural Merit from Cuban Ministry of Culture.
Awards:    1987    Maurice Bejart Prize at International Upcoming Choreographers Competition in Lausanne, Switzerland
1989    Gold Prize at International Art Festival in Korea
1997    Grand-prix, Special Prize and Mayor-of-Saitama’s Prize at the 9th Saitama International Creative Dance Competition in Japan

Masahiko Matunaga

In 1994, joined “Ballet Theatre Josefulciero”, National Dance Company of France.  Danced in “propheote”, a new work, and “Orphee”, an opera performance at the Vienna Opera “Theatro La Fenice”.  In 1996, won the First Prize in Creation Division at National Dance Competition sponsored by Tokyo Newspaper.  Also awarded MEXT’s Encouraging Prize, Mayor-of-Tokyo’s Prize and Baku Ishii Prize.  From 1999 to 2001, trained in Paris as a delegated trainee artist by ACA.  In 2006, performed “Harmonization – footsteps of words” at Tokyo Civil Art Festival.  In 2011, worked as a choreographer for the new opera “Koyo Hijiri” composed by Shi’ichiro Ikebe.  In 2012, performed “Harmonization – emerging from customs” at “NEW DANCE HORIZON” by NBA Ballet Company.
Instructor of Art Department of Nippon University.  Director of CDAJ.

Hidetane Matsubara

After graduating from Technology Department of Hokkaido University, changed his disciplines of activities from music to play to dance.After receiving various prizes in competitions, trained in Paris for one year as a delegated trainee artist by ACA.  After returning to Japan, superintended “Ikinari Dance Function M”.  Released new works of about 1 hour almost every year.  His works gained high reputation for his surrealistic and speedy development and kaleidoscopic changes of situation.While performing in his own works at Art Festivals by ACA, he participates in various performances in the fields of ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance and jazz dance as a guest dancer.He is quite active in offering his works to outside parties, as requested by cultural foundations or parties.

Yoshihiro Matoyama

In 1991, organize Company Resonance.  Up to present, he puts his energy into recitals called “Company Resonance Dance Concentration”.  In 1992, awarded MEXT’s First Encouraging Prize, Mayor-of-Tokyo’s Prize and Grand-prix by Tokyo Newspaper in Creation Division of National Dance Competition sponsored by Tokyo Newspaper.  In 1994, made tours to China sponsored by the Japan Foundation, which gave striking impression in Chinese contemporary dance society.  Awarded “Muramatsuu Prize” by Music Newspaper.  In 1994, trained in Europe, mainly in Paris as a delegated trainee artist by ACA.  In 1996, awarded Special Prize chosen by Japan Platform National Council at Bagnolet International Choreographic Competition.  In the same year, he made tours to Canada and USA, which obtained high popularity.  Professor of Dance Section of Physical Education Faculty of Japan Women’s College of Physical Education.

Kougi Mizuta

Trained modern dance under Tatsuo Mochizuki (ex-producer of New National Theater) and late Kazuko Hirabayashi (Professor of Julliard School), and classic ballet under Isamu Hashiura and Emi Suzuki.  In 1997, trained in New York as a delegated trainee artist by ACA.  In 1998, he joined Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and he was the first Japanese dancer in this company.  Danced in various performances in USA, Europe and South America.  He performed together with artists from various disciplines such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kronos Quartet, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.  In 2009 left the company.  He is an instructor for Cunningham technique, major stream in the contemporary dance worldwide.  Teacher of contemporary dance in International Ballet High School.


Takahiko Nakamura

Representative Director of Nakamura Takahiko Dance Studio, Inc.  Planned and produced series of performances “Odorinbo Samurai” at IMA Hall, titled “Light – Hikari, Tomoshibi, Terasu”, “Light2 – Hikari, Tomoshibi, Terasu” and “Light3 – Hikari, Tomoshibi, Terasu”.  Won the Best Prize in Saitama International Creation Competition.
“Sonna Yume o Mita (Has seen such a dream)” in Tokyo Civil Art Festival at Large Hall in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.
“Minna Doko e Koshinkyoku (Where Everybody Goes Marching)” in Contemporary Dance Performances to Foster Talents by ACA at Middle Hall in New National Theater
Created, produced and choreographed Modandies performances “Unazuku Otoko”, “Aru Imi de Rinne”, “Piano Music” and “Showa Sentimental”.